Aldern Foxglove


Aldern Foxglove stands at 5’6" and has clean, medium-length brown hair. A handsome man, he wears aristocratic clothing, finely dressed at all times.


You saved Aldern Foxglove from goblins outside the White Deer Inn. You know that he is not from Sandpoint and is visiting for the festival. He is staying at the Rusty Dragon Inn.

He showered Zepherys with compliments on her bravery beauty and seemed particular attentive of her after the encounter.

After partaking in a round of drinks and a boar hunt with Aldern, you learn that he is from Magnimar and was staying in Sandpoint for a few days before venturing home. Being a noble, he seems to know quite a bit about rich life in Magnimar and the nobility.

Aldern Foxglove

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