Rise of the Runelords

Festival and Fire
Session One

The adventure begins mid-morning in the square outside of Sandpoint Cathedral where the Swallowtail festival is about to begin. The crowd gathers in front of the erected stage as festival-goers prepare their stalls for the all-day event.

The festival attracts local residents and out-of-towers alike. Angleman and his hired mercenary Cpt. Ridley, both fighting men, decide to visit the festivities during a trip to the town for new equipment. Zepherys, a Half-Elf cavalier of Varysian descent, attends the festival yearly and arrives atop her majestic gypsy horse. The halfling Paladin Magrat has never visited Sandpoint on the Autumnal Equinox, but is attracted to the celebration of a benevolent and good god. Also attending are extraordinary orator Keen, a Gnome, and Zalgo, a grizzled old Half-Orc sorcerer.

Keen jumps atop the stage and begins giving an inspiring welcome. Festival-goers flock to the stage as he revels in a speech on the Swallowtail Festival. Soon after, Mayor Kendra Deverin takes the stage with Keen, raising an eyebrow. She politely asks him to step down as she begins her speech.

The Mayor welcomes everyone to the festival, locals and visitors alike. The crowd seems enamored with her enthusiasm and she jokes that even Lars Rovanky, the local tanner and notorious workaholic, is attending.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock takes the stage next and gives a short speech on safety during the festival. He also requests a moment of silence for those lost during the fire that burned down Sandpoint’s previous church.

Following Belor, Cydrak Drokkus bursts on to the stage with a vibrant energy. He gives an entertaining story of how the new Sandpoint cathedral was funded and built as he gestures broadly to the large building behind him. Before exiting he reminds everyone to visit the Sandpoint Theater to view the latest play from Magnimar, “The Harpy’s Curse.”

Lonjiku Kaijitsu is called to take the stage, but does not show up.

The last speaker is Father Abstalar Zantus, who thanks everyone once againfor attending the festival. With his speech, the festivities begin!

Zepherys and Angleman take sides against one another in a large game of tug-of-war. Their strength seems equally matched, as the event lasts for quite a while! In the end, Angleman and his crew of townspeople are victorious and Zepherys lands face-first in the mud pit at the center.

Not finished with feats of strength, Zepherys challenges Ridley to an arm-wrestling match. The match comes to a swift end as Ridley easily slams Zepherys’s arm to the table in one swoop.

At noon, Father Zantus enters the square with a covered cart pulled by some of his acolytes. As the crowd gathers around, Abstalar recounts the tale of the goddess Desna, who fell to the planet and was nursed back to health by a blind child. In thanks, Desna transformed the child into an immortal swallowtail butterfly. As the priest says this, the acolytes pull the cover from the cart, revealing thousands of swallowtail butterflies who take to the air in a beautiful cloud.

Lunch is served free by the local innkeepers, who have each prepared their specialty. The locals spend the rest of the day eating and drinking in merriment as swallowtail butterflies are ever present fluttering about the town.

Keen and Zepherys speak with Sheriff Belor, who is standing on the steps of the cathedral overlooking the festival. Keen asks if the Sheriff knows any local rumors and the Sheriff does not indulge in his request, saying he does not partake in such gossip and that he is busy. When asked about Lonjiku, the Sheriff tells the pair that he was supposed to give a speech, but became suddenly ill.

At sunset, Father Zantus takes the stage once more and pulls a small stone from his robes which emits a powerful thunderclap. The townsfolk gather and pay attention as Father Zantus begins a prayer to close the festival. During his speech, Keen hears a sinister and inhuman snickering coming from the center of the crowd, though he cannot see who (or what) it is coming from. Suddenly, a dog emits a horrible yelp and the crowd screams and disperses in the center of the square. A stray dog has been brutally killed and standing above it is a grinning goblin with a crude knife. At that very moment, a band of goblins bursts from its hiding spot in a covered cart in the square.

Angleman, Ridley, Keen, Zepherys, Magrat, and Zalgo all band together to combat the goblins. They dispatch them easily one-by-one, though Zepherys and her horse takes multiple attacks from the frenzied monsters.

After the fight, the square has been mostly emptied in the panic, but the party still sees goblins performing horrid acts of cruelty and gluttony. The chaos has spread to the entire town and the Mayor and Sheriff are nowhere to be seen.

An explosion erupts from the northern end of the square and a group of torch-wielding goblins emerges with a goblin singer, who is chanting a terrible song. The goblins seem more interested in lighting the party members on fire than killing them, but as soon as Zalgo melts one of them with acid they draw their weapons and shriek with rage. Keen casts Grease on one of the goblin’s torches, causing an explosion. The party fights nobly and Zepherys dispatches the final goblin astride her gypsy horse.

With the square cleared, the party hears a terrified scream and barking from the northeast near the White Deer Inn. They rush to assist and see a goblin astride a horrifying dog-like creature. Standing against the wall of the White Deer is a frightened nobleman and his dog. Three goblins stand behind the mounted goblin, cowering in fear of the dog. The mounted goblin wields an ugly spear and stabs the dog, killing it in one blow.

Zepherys charges towards the nobleman on her horse, intending to get him out of combat. The mounted goblin strikes her mid-charge, though, and the party engages with the goblins. The mounted goblin is resilient and rides his dog around the square firing arrows at party members. Her horse suffering from numerous wounds, Zepherys manages to grab the nobleman and bring him to Keen, who heals Zepherys’s horse. Zalgo, Magrat, Ridley, and Angleman deftly kill the remaining goblins with sword and hammer.

After the fight, the party speaks with the nobleman who is known as Aldern Foxglove. Aldern showers praise and compliments on Zepherys at length for “acting as his savior.” He briefly acknowledges the rest of the party and invites them to meet him for a reward at the Rusty Dragon Inn, where he is staying for the week.

As Aldern leaves, the party sees a pair of guards holding a goblin captive. The furious guard is about to kill the monster when the party halts him and asks to handle it. Keen and Zalgo intimidate the goblin into giving up information on the goblins’ purpose in the town. He says he was supposed to kill “all the longshanks” so “he” could enter the graveyard. When asked, the goblin refers to “him” as “one of you filthy longshanks,” but is too frenzied and frightened to speak any further. The party lets the guard take responsibility for the goblin once more. As the party leaves, the guard stabs the goblin with his sword, killing it instantly.


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